Two Successful Performances in Sanders Theatre Yesterday.

The production of Ben Jonson's "Silent Woman" in Sanders Theatre yesterday was undoubtedly one of the most unique that has been seen upon any stage in America. Though its interest was rather a literary and historical than a strictly dramatic one, yet the presentation was in every way a great success.

The gallants, pages, citizens, and prentices, performed their parts aptly and furnished a great deal of amusement strutting about, joking, laughing, wrangling and gambling. E. G. Knoblauch '96 took the part of the orange girl very effectively.

The play itself went off very well at both performances. The parts were acted, on the whole, with considerable spirit and the by-play was effectively arranged. The parts of Truewit and of Morose were especially well acted.

The audience at the evening performance filled Sanders to overflowing and that of the afternoon was a very good one. There is apparently little doubt that the receipts were enough to pay the expenses, which were quite heavy. Any surplus will be given to the Library for the benefit of the department of English.

Morose, Mr. Hards.


Sir Dauphine Eugenie, Mr. H. Bostwick.

Ned Clerimont, Mr. Meyer.

Truewit, Mr. Short.

Sir John Daw, Mr. Fuller.

Sir Amorous La-Foole, Mr. Flood.

Thomas Otter, Mr. Steppling.

Cutbeard, Mr. Rudd.

Mute, Mr. Brown.

Parson, Mr. Bernheim.

Page, Mr. Loveland.