Two Successful Performances in Sanders Theatre Yesterday.

Epicoene, Mr. Blair.

Lady Haughty, Mr. A. Bostwick.

Lady Centaure, Mr. Olmstead.

Mistress Dol Mavis, Mr. Sanford.

Mistress Otter, Mr. Russell.


Prologue spoken by Mr. Olmstead.

Gallants - D. H. Morris, H. Schurz, V. S. Thomas, R. H. E. Starr, H. C. Quinby.

Ladies of the Court - S. K. Fenellosa, S. W. Phillips, J. D. Phillips.

Pages - A. A. Bryant, E. H. Brown, Conrad Smith, G. W. Knoblauch.

Citizen's wife - F. von Briesen.

Citizens - H. P. Walker, Earle Brown, C. F. Gregg, A. S. Knudsen, J. L. Riker, F. Vaughan, A. F. Stevenson, A. Scott, F. H. Smith, E. O. Hiler, J. W. Schereschewsky.

Prentices - C. F. D. Belden, F. E. Frothingham, H. B Foster, A. T. Robinson.

Seller of Ballads - Townsend Walsh.

Seller of Oranges - E. G. Knoblauch.

Servants in the Play - J. A. Brewster, F. Dobyns, F. A. Burlingame, W. A. Hartzell.

The stage by-play was arranged for the most part by Miss May Robson.