University Calendar.


Faculty of Arts and Sciences. Meeting at University 5, 4 p. m.

Seminary of Classical Philology. On Solon's Legislation respecting Debts and Coins. Mr. J. R. Taylor. Sever 13, 2.30 p. m.

Open to all students in Greek and Latin Courses.

Geological Conference. Papers: Ely Copper Mine, Mr. H. L. Smyth; Notice of some late Photomicrographs of Ice Crystals by Dr. Nordenskiold, Mr. C. Abbe; Review of Dana's Manual of Geology (4th ed.). Mr. R. E. Dodge. Geological Laboratory, 7.45 p. m.

Lecture. English Art in the Eighteenth Century - III. Gainsborough. Mr. Humphrey Ward. Sanders Theatre, 7.45 p.m.


Open to the public.