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Yale Letter.


NEW HAVEN, March 30.Yale watches with great interest the development of the football situation at Harvard. Every undergraduate feels glad that the attitude of the Harvard student body is as recently editorially expressed in the CRIMSON - one of "gentlemanly acquiescence," rather than of "approval." Yale feels confident in the ability and discretion of Harvard students and of her Athletic Committee to do what is best for the preservation of the sport, even through the outlook is discouraging. Walter Camp has expressed his belief that curtailment of summer training and a reduction of the time spent in secret practice will materially lessen present evils. He hopes the University Athletic Club will take up the matter, and that the conference they may call will result, with the help of Harvard, Pennsylvania and Princeton in the modification of all objectionable features which cropped out at Springfield.

The position of the Yale crews recently editorially expressed, that the country at large - as represented by the daily press - seems to think that Yale undergraduates are interested in nothing but athletics - an erroneous idea for which newspaper correspondents and the ordinary speeches at alumni meetings, are largely to blame, receives many indorsements, the New York Tribune laying special emphasis on these sentiments. The steady improvement in Yale's scholastic atmosphere is much more than keeping pace with her athletic prestige - and the fact is realized here, if not elsewhere. Yale may not be successful in the next few debates - but a sentiment has been aroused such as cannot fail to be of ultimate immeasurable good to Yale. The Junior Prom. report just issued shows that the democratic spirit here is not waning. There is a heavy decrease in expenses, yet the surplus is much larger than usual, due to increase in individual subscriptions. This will be devoted to worthy class and university purposes - such as a loan fund for needy students, a gift of $500 to the library, a donation toward the Woolsey statue, etc.

The first game of the season was played this afternoon with Wesleyan which put up an indifferent game. The cold weather and high wind interfered considerably with the work of both teams.


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