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April Recess.


The following notice is repeated by request:

The April recess extends from April 14 to 20, inclusive. Every student is required to register not later than 12 o'clock on April 22, in rooms to be announced. The attention of students is called to the following extract from the Regulations:

"REGISTRATION AND RESIDENCE."2. Every student is required to present himself for registration on Thursday, the first day of the academic year, between 9 a. m. and 1 p. m., at a place announced on the bulletin boards. He is further required to register not later than 12 m. on the first week day after the Christmas recess and the first week day after the April recess.

"3. Continuous residence at the University is required during term-time. No interruption of residence is permissible, except for satisfactory reasons stated to the Recorder (orally, if possible) before the student leaves Cambridge. The student who has been absent must also report in person to the Recorder immediately on his return."

No extension of the recess will be granted except for very urgent reasons duly stated in a petition; and no special allowance will be made for students who intend to spend their vacation at a distance from Cambridge.

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