The Freshman Musical Clubs.

The Freshman musical clubs are now showing signs of improvement. Several new features have been adopted. The Glee and Banjo Clubs have a piece together, and the Mandolin Club has introduced a 'cello and flute into its music.

The first concert will be given in Brattle Hall on May 3.

The make-up of the clubs is as follows:

GLEE CLUB.1st tenors: Woodruff, Battis, Crocker, Whitfield, Sawin, Pettijohn.


2nd tenors: Hastings, Valentine, Sawyer, Ward, Hubbard, Fisher, Scott.

1st basses: Starkweather, Hayes, Scull, Wadsworth, Edmunds, Carleton.

2nd basses: McPherson, Hawkes, Dove, Hinds, Dalton, Boweker.

BANJO CLUB.Banjeaurines: S. S. Hinds, N. Perkins, E. S. Millard, R. B. Flershem, R. Johnson, F. T. Case.

Banjos: A. H. Higginson, M. S. Greenough, A. T. Barnes, A. B. Emery, C. J. Flagg.

Guitars: G. C. Ward, W. H. Rand, E. Byrnes, H. T. Hooper, L. A. Brown.

MANDOLIN CLUB.1st mandolins: V. Burnett, E. D. White, P. A. H. Van Daell, S. W. Fordyce, Jr.

2nd mandolins: W. R. Donaldson, Jr., T. M. Hastings, F. R. Wright.

Guitars: G. C. Ward, J. R. Hooper, W. H. Rand, J. de K. Towner.

'Cello: C. D. Morgan.

Flute: W. W. Hoyt.