U. of M. Enrolment.

The calendar of the University of Michigan for this year will give the number of students in the university as 2,815, which is an increase of 156 over the attendance last year. The approximate amount which the university will receive in fees this year is $107,038, of which the 1,545 Michigan students pay $46,650 and the 1,270 students coming from other states pay $60,388.

Of the 1,514 literary students, 80 are resident graduates and 240 are select students. There are 211 enrolled in the senior class. The juniors number 232, while there are 223 sophomores and 528 freshmen.

In the medical department there are 374 students, of whom five are resident graduates and two are select students. The others are divided among the various classes as follows: Seniors, 68; juniors, 70; sophomores, 98; freshmen, 131.

The law department has an enrolment of 648 - 307 seniors and 322 juniors. In this department there are ten graduate students and nine special students.

There are three resident graduates in the department of pharmacy, 23 second year men and 51 in the first year, a total enrolment of 77.


Of the 17 students in the homoeopathic department three are in the third year, three in the second year and 11 in the first year class.

The dental school has an enrolment of 185, divided in classes as follows: Seniors, 48; juniors, 63; freshmen, 72. There are two graduate students.