Sophomores Win the Class Championship with a Score of 60 Points.

The inter-class championship games, for the Weld Cup, were held on Holmes Field yesterday afternoon at four o'clock. The tournament was won by the class of ninety-seven which had a total of sixty points; ninety-six came next with thirty-two points; ninety-eight obtained thirty-one points; and ninety-five made only three points.

Several accidents happened during the progress of the games: N. W. Bingham '95, wrenched his knee in the 100 yards and was unable to enter the final heat; C. L. Bremer '96, broke his pole in the pole vault while jumping and sustained a heavy fall; F. H. Bigelow '98, after winning the final heat in the 100 yards dash, and a trial heat in the 220 yards dash was completely exhausted and was unable to enter the final heat in the 220 yards dash.

The first event on the programme was the 120 yards hurdles which was won by J. L. Bremer '96. He ran very well and finished in 17 2/5 sec. H. L. Williams '97, came second, and V. Munroe '96, third.

The first heat of the 100 yards dash was won by M. G. Gonterman '96 in 10 3/5 sec.; L. W. Redpath '98 finished second. N. W. Bingham '95 won the second heat in 10 3/5 sec., H. R. Storrs '96 finishing second. The third heat was won in 10 3/5 sec., by A. Dyrenforth '96, with A. M. Eaton, Jr., '96 second. F. H. Bigelow '98 won the last heat in 10 3/5 sec., P. da S. Prado '96, being second. The heat for second men was won by Prado in 10 3/5 sec. The final heat was very close; Gonterman led for the first fifty yards but was passed by both Bigelow and Redpath. Time 10 3/5 sec.

In the one mile run G. Newell '98 took the lead after the first lap, and finished about fifty yards ahead of H. Emerson '96. H. W. Foote '97 finished third. The time of the three men was 4 min. 38 3/5 sec.; 4 min. 43 sec.; and 4 min. 56 sec.

The 880-yards run was very close. Although only E. Hollister '97, C. H. Williams '98, and L. H. Hosmer '98, entered, the race was very interesting. Hollister and Williams kept close together and Hollister won by a spurt at the home stretch; his time was 2 min. 1 3/5 sec.

The pole vault ended in a tie between A. B. Emmons '98 and N. P. Hallowell '97. Emmons won the toss and got first place.

The summary:

120 yards hurdle - Won by J. L. Bremer '96, H. L. Williams '97, second, V. Munroe '96, third. Time, 17 2/5s.

100 yards dash - First heat won by M. G. Gonterman '96, L. W. Redpath '98, second. Time, 10 2/5s.

Second heat won by N. W. Bingham '95, H. R. Storrs '96, second. Time, 10 3/5s.

Third heat won A. Dyrenforth '96, A. M. Eaton, Jr., '97, second. Time, 10 4/5s.

Fourth heat won by F. H. Bigelow '98, P. da S. Prado '96, second. Time, 10 3/5s.

Heat for second men won by P. da S. Prado '96, in 10 3/5s.

Final heat won by F. H. Bigelow '98, L. W. Redpath '98, second, M. G. Gonterman '96, third. Time, 10 2/5s.

Two mile bicycle - Won by W. R. Brinckerhoff '97, H. C. Burdett '98, second, H. H. Brown '97, third. Time, 6m. 4s.