Financial Aid to Undergraduates.

The amount available for undergraduates from scholarships, the Price Greenleaf Fund and the Beneficiary Fund, will amount to about forty thousand dollars for the coming year. The annual value of the scholarships varies from forty-five to four hundred and fifty dollars. In making an assignment under the present system the facts considered are the needs of the student, and his promise of intellectual ability as indicated by his work in college. Scholarships are ordinarily assigned on the basis of a previous year of work in college. Students who have incurred a serious college censure in the course of the year, and those who obtain leave of absence for the year in which the scholarship would be payable are not considered as candidates for a scholarship. Students not in need of aid cannot honorably apply for a scholarship; a scholarship cannot properly be awarded to one who, from physical, mental or moral weakness, gives little promise of future usefulness.

There are 137 scholarships available next year, in addition to five which are accumulating. Of the available scholarships for undergraduates, 1 has an income of $45, 4 of $75, 1 of $80, 3 of $90, 5 of $100, 1 of $125, 14 of $150, 20 of $200, 27 of $250, 32 of $300, 1 of $400, and 1 of $450.

Applications for these should be made on or before May 29th to the Dean of Harvard College, and must be deposited in the box at No. 5 University Hall. Applications must be made on the blank forms which may be obtained at the Recorder's office.

In addition to the scholarships there is awarded each year between $14,000 and $16,000 which is the income of the Price Greenleaf Fund. It is awarded in sums of from $100 to $250 a year; first, to undergraduates in the first year of their residence; secondly, to deserving students who have not succeeded in the competition for scholarships. The regular assignment to first-year students is made before or at the time of their entrance. To secure such an assignment the applicant must be strongly recommended by the college, academy, or school with which he has been connected.

Applications must be made on blank forms, which may be had from the secretary, and must be in the hands of the secretary by the first day of May.


A subsequent assignment is made in January to first-year students of high standing; applications must be made to the secretary by December 15th.

About $1800 is distributed annually in gratuities, of not more than $50 each, for the aid of deserving students in narrow circumstances.

Applications for aid from the Beneficiary Fund should be addressed to the Dean by the student's parent or guardian, or by the student himself, if of age. The application should state particularly the circumstances of the case, with the reasons for asking aid.

There is also a Loan Fund, the interest of which, amounting annually to about $3000, is lent to students in the Sophomore, Junior and Senior classes, in sums ranging from forty to one hundred dollars.