FRESHMAN DEBATING CLUB. - There will be a special business meeting tonight at 7 o'clock in Sever 5, instead of Sever 11. As very important business is to be transacted, every member is urgently requested to be present.

H. D. BUSHNELL, Sec.MANDOLIN CLUB. - Rehearsal tonight at 6.30 sharp.

W. MCKITTRICK, Sec.'VARSITY GLEE CLUB. - Rehearsal today at 5 o'clock sharp.

H. C. TAYLOR, Sec.MERMAID CLUB. - Meeting this evening at 29 Stoughton Hall, at 9.30.

PI ETA. - Rehearsal tonight at 7.30 sharp. Everybody be on time.


LACROSSE ASSOCIATION. - Shingles now on sale at Thurston's or Leavitt & Peirce's admitting to membership in the association, with tickets entitling holder to reserved seats at all the games in Cambridge for two years. Price $3.00. Season tickets admitting to reserved seat in all games played in Cambridge this year, price $1.50.

LACROSSE. - Every candidate must be at the main entrance of Memorial Hall every morning at 8 o'clock sharp and must also be out on Soldiers field every afternoon at 4 o'clock, rain or shine.

R. H. E. STARR.HARVARD TOTAL ABSTINENCE LEAGUE. - At the recent business meeting it was voted that the expenses of the league, amounting to $9.66, should be paid by voluntary contributions, to be handed to any of the officers before the end of the present week. In accordance with this vote the secretary will be in 57 College House Wednesday and Friday from 4.30 to 5, to receive contributions, and earnestly requests that all intending to contribute do so at once.

J. H. LEWIS, Sec.