A New Historical Review.

American Colleges and Universities to Begin Its Publication.

A new historical quarterly to be known as The American Historical Review will be published soon by a number of American universities and colleges.

The review is the result of a conference held in New York last Saturday at the Reform Club, Twenty-seventh street and Fifth Avenue, of representatives of universities and colleges, for the purpose of discussing the advisability of establishing a journal that should cover all fields of history and make book reviews a special feature. Among those present were Professors Sloane of Princeton, Hart and Gross of Harvard, McMaster of the University of Pennsylvania, Dr. Stille, exprovost of the University of Pennsylvania; Professors Robinson, Munro and Cheney of Philadelphia, Dr. Friedenwald of Philadelphia, Professors Foster of Dartmouth, E. G. Bourne of Western Reserve, G. B. Adams of Yale, Burgess, Osgood, and Dennison of Columbia, Wrong of the University of Toronto, Meacham of Hartford Theological Seminary, Lucy Salmon of Vassar, Tyler and Stephens of Cornell, Jameson of Brown, Andrews of Bryn Mawr, Charles Francis Adams, John C. Ropes, and Dr. Bancroft.

Professor Sloane presided. Letters indorsing the plan were read. Among them were letters from Amherst, University of Chicago, Leland Stanford University, University of Michigan, Bowdoin, University of Texas, University of Ohio, and from prominent historical writers.

The following Editorial Board was elected: Professor George B. Adams, Yale; Professor Sloane, Princeton; Professor Stephens, Cornell; Professor McMaster, University of Pennsylvania, and Professor Hart, Harvard. The University of Chicago will also be represented on the board. To the Editorial Board was committed the duty of choosing a managing editor and of making suitable arrangements with a publisher.

It is intended to have the first number of this new review published immediately after the summer vacation.


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