Conference of Charity Workers.

A most interesting and profitable conference of Student Volunteer Workers was held in the Library of Professor Palmer's residence last night. E. N. Warren introduced as chairman of the meeting Mr. C. W. Birtwell '82. Professor Palmer expressed his satisfaction at the wise way in which the Volunteer Work had been fitted to the conditions of student life. Professor Peabody emphasized the value of the recent development of charity work among the students in bringing into real unity the various moral, religious and benevolent activities of the University. He expressed the belief that the movement was bringing to a real fruition the purposes set forth in the meeting at Sanders Theatre last fall when the present form of the enterprise was inaugurated.

Dean Hodges of the Episcopal Theological School spoke of the newer way of serving one's fellow men by coming into close touch with those who are in need.

Mr. Birtwell then introduced Mr. Ely who outlined the work of students in the Prospect Union. He was followed by H. S. Roberts '97, who told of the students work in the educational department of the Social Union.

C. R. Colburn '95, K. Robson Div., and P. N. Cressey '95, spoke of their duties, as visitors for the Associated Charities of Boston.

Mr. Birtwell then introduced Mrs. Palmer who spoke entertainingly of some incidents in the charitable and educational work among the Bohemian and Polish children of Chicago.

E. Von Mark '95, F. H. Green Sp., P. G. Noon '95, C. J. Willcom Div., F. G. Good-bridge '97, W. W. Rockwell '95, E. de W. Wales L. S. S., H. C. Wright Div., E. A. Reed L. S. S., T. R. Kimball '95, and Mr. Lofthouse of Trinity College, Oxford, also gave accounts of various charitable and educational works among the poor with which they were connected.