Electives at Wellesley.

The choice of elective work for the ensuing year is made by the Wellesley students early in the spring term. Among the new courses arranged for next year, the following are especially noteworthy:

Seminary course in American literature, offered by Miss Katharine Lee Bates. The object of the course is to discuss the achievement of this first century of American literature and to inquire closely into the present value and promise of a literary output in the various sections of the country.

English masterpieces of the nineteenth century, by Miss Vida D. Scudder. The aim of the course will be less the study of literature than the apprehension of life through literature. The masterpieces chosen will be such as express the relation of literature to different movements in sociology, art and religion.

In the department of economics an unusually large number of cases is offered. Course 1, Elements of Economics, is an introductory course designed to train students to comprehend and analyze industrial phenomena. Course 2, Industrial History of the United States, embraces a study of the national development in its material and social aspects, accompanied by a critical review of our economic legislation, commercial and financial. Course 3, Industrial History of England, a study of the successive phases of industrial organization with a view to tracing this aspect of social evolution. Course 4 is devoted to Socialism. Course 5, the Statistical Study of Certain Economic Problems, includes lectures on principles of statistical research; each member of the class undertakes the investigation of a particular problem, and reports the results of her inquiry to the class. Course 6, Social Pathology, is devoted to a study of the defective, dependent and delinquent classes, accompanied by discussions of methods of dealing with each.

In Philology, an advanced course in comparative Greek and Latin grammar is offered; this course will be especially for graduate students.

A two-hour and a one-hour elective course in Bible will be conducted next year by a non-resident lecturer.