PIERIAN SODALITY. - Rehearsal Thursday afternoon at 4.30.

N. S. BACON, Sec'y.'97 BASEBALL NINE. - All candidates be at Soldiers Field today at 3.30 sharp dressed to play. Practice game with '96.

W. L. GARRISON, Capt.THERE will be an important business meeting of the St. Paul's Society in 17 Grays this evening at 7 p. m. Several important-amendments to the constitution will be proposed.

H. B. HUNTINGTON, Sec.FRESHMAN MANDOLIN CLUB. - Rehearsal today at 2.30 sharp. All men must be present.

S. W. FORDYCE, JR.CRIMSON. - A very important meeting of the board will be held this afternoon at 1.30. Every editor be present.

ANDOVER CLUB. - Important meeting Thursday, May 2, at 7.30 p. m., in the rooms of the Delta Upsilon Society, over No. 9 Brattle street. Election of officers for 1895-6. Professor Shaler will speak. Professor Churchill will read selections. Every member of the University who ever attended Phillips Academy is cordially invited to attend.

60 3t'VARSITY GLEE CLUB. - Rehearsal tonight at 7 o'clock sharp.

H. C. TAYLOR, Sec.SHAKESPEARE CLUB. - There will be a meeting in Walter Hastings 18, Wednesday, May 1, at 7.30 o'clock. King Henry IV, Part I, will be continued.


J. LEONARD, Sec.LACROSSE. - Every candidate must be out today at 4 o'clock sharp. Positively no excuse for absence will be accepted. Even if a man is unable to play, team work can still be developed.

R. H. E. STARR, Capt.CRICKET ELEVEN. - All candidates for the cricket eleven be on Soldiers Field today at 3.30. Closets can be procured in the Soldiers Field building.


P. H. CLARK, Capt.