Senior Crew.

The ninety-five crew began rowing again yesterday. The exercise during the period they have not rowed has been confined to runs and walks.

Greene is at present laid off with a lame leg, but will be able to row in a few days. Ninde and Briggs yesterday took turns at 4, as Briggs is not yet in good enough condition to row steadily.

The order of the boat is: Stroke, Davis; 7, Cameron; 6, Potter; 5, Manning; 4, (Ninde) Briggs; 3, Pillsbury; 2, Capen; bow, Stevenson.

Freshman Crew.Yesterday the freshman crew took a short row down the river, starting from the Weld Boat Club. The order was: Stroke, Scull; 7, Goodrich; 6, Seaver; 5, Ames; 4, Bull; 3, Jennings; 2, Rice; bow, McBurney.


The crew went back to the barge, it being thought best to begin over again the training of the men, since substitutes will have to take the place of the men who are sick. N. H. Cabot, who was substitute end rush on the 'varsity football team last fall, came out with the crew and rowed in the pair-oar.

Junior and Sophomore Crews.The junior crew, on account of the fumigation of the Harvard boat houses, has taken up its quarters at the Weld boat house. The sophomores are at the house of the Riverside Boat Club. It is hoped that the fumigation of the 'varsity boat house will be completed by Friday when the crews will again take up the old quarters.