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Saturday's Victories. - "Inter-appointment" Baseball.



Today has been a red-letter day for Yale - her victories on the diamond and on the track being very important contributions to her athletic supremacy for the year. The game with Princeton this afternoon was, in the opinion of Yale's mascot, Pop Smith, the "best ever played at New Haven," and no graduate remembers any game that has been watched with more breathless interest. When Carter was obliged to retire in the sixth inning, on account of his lame arm, there was a general feeling of despondency among the supporters of the blue. Trudeau, however, certainly did himself proud, and wins a reputation for himself by his brilliant playing in this emergency. There were immense crowds at the game, including an unusually large delegation of Princeton men, who made a tremendous noise considering their numbers. The returns from the Harvard-Yale games at Cambridge, so far received at the time of writing, indicate that in this branch Yale has also won. Large crowds are at present watching the Yale News bulletins of the games.

The Yale Record has started a series of baseball games between the men receiving the different degrees of scholarship appointments in '96. The first game was played Thursday between the Philosophicals and the Second Colloquies (lowest grade), and was won by the latter after quite an interesting and close struggle; score 12 to 11. The men who received no appointments have organized a "Dis-Appointment" team, which will play the winner of the inter-appointment series. The high-stand society of Phi Beta Kappa is arranging a baseball game with the similar society of Sigma Xi, in Sheff., and has also received a challenge from the "Dis-Appointments," who have constituted themselves the society of "Kappa Beta Phi," and intend to wear big wooden keys to their game, and to celebrate their cinch victory down at Mory's or Traeger's in a way that will horrify the "grinds," who allow only cold water to be served at their annual banquets.

The Harvard papers contained an error in regard to the Yale-Harvard Freshman debate which deserves correction. Dr. Phelps of Yale was not a judge, but was presiding officer, the three judges being Gov. Coffin, Ex-Gov. Morris, and President Burton of Trinity.

The Yale News can not, of course, out of ordinary courtesy, print any matter relative to Yale-Harvard football until Harvard's reply is received.


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