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Again Yale has defeated Harvard, and this time it is in track athletics, the branch of sports in which Harvard has always been the strongest. Little can be said to excuse the defeat. It was generally conceded that Yale had the best chance to win, but no one expected that it would be by so wide a margin, and that, too, on our own grounds. The Yale team proved beyond any question that they were stronger than Harvard's and besides winning about all the doubtful events, also took several in which it seemed reasonably sure that Harvard would be victorious.

Considering the damp and chilly weather, and the rain-soaked track, the excellence of the performances was very remarkable. As it was, five intercollegiate records were broken, and if the day had been favorable, several more might also have gone. It caused no great surprise to see Hickok make new marks in the weight throwing events, for it was known that he had often done so in practice, but the other three records were unexpected.

Hickok's distance in the shot putting was 44 ft. 1 3/2 in., and in the hammer throwing he covered 129 ft. 5 1/2 in. Hoyt distinguished himself by clearing 11 ft. in the pole vault, breaking the record of 18 ft. 10 1/8 in. held by Bucholtz of Pennsylvania. Paine raised Fearing's record in the high jump of 6 ft. 1/2 in. by one-eighth of an inch. He won first place in the event at 5 ft. 9 3/8 in., and cleared the bar in his exhibition jump without great difficulty and at the first trial. Hill's time of 5m. 12 3/5s. in the bicycle race is several seconds better than the former record. Not less remarkable was Hollister's half mile in 1m. 58 1/5s. Hollister won with the greatest possible ease and did not seem to be at all done up at the finish, so that there is no telling what time he might have made under better conditions.

The first event was the 100 yards dash in which four Harvard and only two Yale men qualified for the final heat. Bremer and Bigelow were unfortunate in being set back for a false start and neither could make up this penalty. Yale men put their faith on Richards, who won both the dashes in the Mott Haven games two years ago. He did not disappoint them, but took the lead about half way down the course and won from Redpath and Gonterman in an exciting finish. The trial heats in the high hurdle race left only Munroe to represent Harvard in the finals. He was outclassed, however, Yale taking all three places with Hatch, Cady and Perkins.

In the preliminary heats of the bicycle race the Yale men were content to stay in the rear till the last lap, when they came to the front and won, Elliot alone getting a place or Harvard. The final heat showed some good riding, each of the three Yale men taking turns in making the pace, while Elliot kept in second place, taking care not to be pocketed. When the last lap began Hill easily left the field and won, Elliot being satisfied with second place.

The quarter mile run furnished one of the best races of the day. Bingham took the lead at the start, closely followed by Marshall, while Vincent was almost the last man. He gradually worked his way through, however, and, on entering the stretch, was on even terms with the first Yale man, while Marshall had passed Bingham. The two leaders ran neck and neck for the last fifty yards, Bingham winning by a few feet from Marshall, with Vincent third. The mile run was a disappointment to Harvard. Morgan set a slow pace for three laps, with Coolidge at his elbow and Wadhams and Emerson well up. In the last lap Coolidge increased his speed and took the lead, but at the last turn he weakened and fell back. Emerson came up from the rear with surprising speed and almost beat out Morgan for first place, while Wadhams was a close third.

Before the mile walkers had completed the first lap the result of the race had ceased to be in much doubt. Thrall held the lead almost all the way, and had no difficulty in winning, although closely pushed by Drew.

Bremer had easy work in winning the low hurdles while Cady and Perkins were second and third respectively.

In the half mile run Bordman took the lead at the pistol shot and as had been arranged, set a hot pace for a lap and a half. When the Carey Building was reached, Hollister quickly took the lead and finished very strongly about twenty yards in front of Vincent. Bordman ran a very good race but was beaten out for third place by Crane.

Richards repeated his victory in the hundred by winning the 220 yards dash, with Redpath again second, while Storrs was third.

Meanwhile the field events had been going on and furnished some close contests. The only one not already mentioned was the broad jump in which as was expected Sheldon and Stickney were first and second.

The team race, although quite interesting, was not a test of the merits of the two teams, for Harvard did not enter any first class runners with the possible exception of Lakin, while Yale had their best quarter mile men. Harvard might easily have won the race if Bingham or Hollister had run in the last relay. The first two men for Yale gained a lead of about fifteen yards but Lakin overcame this and finished some distance ahead.

One hundred yard dash (first, second and third men of each heat run in final) - First heat, won by J. L. Bremer, Harvard, 10 2/5s.; L. W. Redpath, Harvard, second; R. W. Burnet, Yale, third. Second heat, won by W. M. Richards, Yale, 10 2/5s.; M. G. Gonterman, Harvard, second; F. H. Bigelow, Harvard, third. Final heat, won by W. M. Richards, Yale, 10 2/5s.; L. W. Redpath, Harvard, second; M. G. Gonterman, Harvard, third.

One hundred and twenty yard hurdle (first and second men to run in final) - First heat, won by E. H. Cady, Yale, 16 3/5s.; E. C. Perkins, Yale, second. Second heat, won by G. B. Hatch, Yale, 16 2/5s.; V. Monroe, Harvard, second.

Final heat, won by G. B. Hatch, Yale, 16 2/5.; E. H. Cady, Yale, second, E. C. Perkins, Yale, third. Two mile bicycle (first and second ride in final) - First heat, won by E. Hill, Yale, 5m. 15 2/5s.; C. E. Peck, Yale, second. Second heat won by E. C. Heidrich, Yale, 5m. 23 2/5s.; F. S. Elliot, Harvard, second. Final heat, won by E. Hill, Yale, 5m. 12s.; F. S. Elliot, Harvard, second; C. E. Peck, Yale, third.

Four hundred and forty yard dash - Won by N. W. Bingham, Harvard, 51 3/5s.; N. B. Marshall, Harvard, second; W. H. Vincent, Harvard, third.

One mile run - Won by J. E. Morgan, Yale, 4m. 37s.; H. Emerson, Harvard, second; W. H. Wadhams, Yale, third.

One mile walk - Won by F. C. Thrall, Yale, 7m. 15 3/5s.; C. D. Drew, Harvard, second; J. D. Phillips, Harvard, third.

Two hundred and twenty yards hurdles - First heat won by E. C. Perkins, Yale, 26 3/5s.; S. K. Fenollosa, Harvard, second. Second heat won by E. H. Cady, Yale, 21s.; J. L. Bremer, Harvard, second. Final heat won by J. L. Bremer, Harvard, 25 3/5s.; E. H. Cady, Yale, second; E. C. Perkins, Yale, third.

Eight hundred and eighty yard run - Won E. Hollister, Harvard, 1m. 58 1/2s.; 1 W. H. Vincent, Harvard, second; P. W. Crane, Yale, third.

Two hundred and twenty yard dash - Fist heat won by W. M. Richards, Yale, 23s.; M. G. Gonterman, Harvard, second; L. W. Redpath, Harvard, third, Second heat, won by N. B. Marshall, Harvard, 23s.; D. C. Byers, Yale, second; H. R. Storrs, Harvard, third. Final heat won by W. M. Richards, Yale, 22 2/5s.; L. W. Redpath, Harvard, second.; H. R. Storrs, Harvard, third.

Putting 16 pound shot - Won by W. O. Hickok, Yale, 44 ft. 1 1/2.; A. Brown, Yale, second; K. K. Kubli, Harvard, third.

Throwing hammer - Won by W. O. Hickok, Yale, 129, ft. 5 1/2 in.; H. Cross, Yale, second; C. Chadwick, Yale, third.

Pole vault - Won by W. W. Hoyt, Harvard, 11 feet; H. Thomas, Yale, second; G. N. Allen, Yale, third.

High jump - Won by C. J. Paine, Harvard, 5 ft 9 3/8 in.; J. H. Thompson, Yale, second; . E. Putnam, Harvard, third.

Broad jump - Won by L. P. Sheldon, Yale, 22 ft. 5 1/2 in.; A. Stickney, Harvard, second; R. Mitchell, Yale, third.

Team race - Won by Yale, 3m. 29 3/5s. Harvard team, Mansfield, Little, Lakin, Edson. Yale team, Jordan, Pond, Wade, Gerard.


Mile run, 6 2

Mile walk, 5 3

120 yard hurdle, 8 0

220 yard hurdle, 3 5

Two mile bicycle race, 6 2

Broad jump, 6 2

High jump, 2 6.

Pole vault, 3 5

Throwing Hammer, 8 0

Putting shot. 7 1

100 yard dash, 5 3

220 yard dash, 5 3

440 yard dash, 0 8

880 yard run, 1 7

-- --

Totals, 47 65

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