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Spring Concert.


The annual spring concert of the musical clubs will take place tonight in Sanders Theatre at 8 o'clock, doors open at 7.15. The programme will be as follows:


1. Pierian Sodality.

(a) Intermezzo-Naila, Delibes.

(b) La Campanillius; air de Ballet, J. T. Clarke '97.

2. Glee Club.

(a) Johnny Harvard.

(b) The Long Day Closes, A. Sullivan.

(c) Piper Heidsick, Mr. Greene and Glee Club.

3. Mandolin Club.

(a) Toreador Waltz, T. P. Royle.

(b) Serenade, O. Metra.

4. Glee Club.

(a) Valentine, H. W. Parker.

(b) March Onward, A. Geibel.

(c) Gypsy John, Frederick Clay.

Solo by Mr. Whitney.


1. Pierian Sodality.

(a) Navarro's "Danse Espagnole," Arr. by F. Slee L. S.

(b) La Derniere Sommeil de la Vierge, Massenet.

2. Banjo Club.

(a) A Kentucky Smile, A. D. Grover.

(b) The Darkies Jubilee, J. M. Turner.

3. Glee Club.

(a) Hey Diddle Diddle, A. Geibel.

(b) The Gallant Knight, A. Zander.

(c) The Man in the Moon's Ball, B. Carpenter '88.

(d) Fair Harvard.

The make-up of the clubs will be as follows:

GLEE CLUB.First tenors - D. C. Greene, Jr., '95, A. M. Kales '96, N. C. Metcalf '96, C. T. Wentworth Gr., E. M. Waterhouse '97, G. E. Hills '97, H. M. Woodruff '98.

Second tenors - R. C. Thomas '96, W. Whitman, Jr., '97, E. H. Darling '97, D. Fales '97, T. M. Hastings '98, J. D. Greene '96.

First basses - H. E. Whiting '95, M. W. Whitney, Jr., '95, H. O. Hannum D. S., J. H. Carpenter '97, H. C. Taylor '97, E. W. Rick '97, H. B. Fenno '97.

Second basses - C. E. Sanders L. S., W. H. Reed, Jr., '95, E. B. Conant '95, R. K. Fox '96, H. W. Howe '97, C. N. Greenough '98.

PIERIAN SODALITY.First violins - H. Schurz '97, C. R. Perry L. S. S., R. R. Porter '97, G. Wollaeger '95, W. E. C. Nazro '97, G. C. Ward '98, L. S. Butler '98.

Second violins - H. P. Walker '95, A. W. Hall '96, G. W. Knoblauch '97; J. S. Francis '97, F. W. Mansur '97, R. L. Robbins, F. L. Bucher '98, F. A. Vaughn '98.

Violas - F. Slee L. S., H. I. Bowles '97, F. L. Waldo '98.

Cellos - E. V. Frothingham '96, H. M. Adler '97, R. B. Carter '98, C. E. Morgan '98.

Double basses - A. P. Hibbard L. S., L. V. Friedmann '95, G. H. Street L. S.

Flutes - N. S. Bacon '95, H. A. Butler '97.

Cornets - H. A. Baumer L. S., S. K. Foster '98.

Trombones - A. B. Souther L. S. S., F. F. Lamson '97.

Oboe - C. P. M. Rumford '97.

Clarionet - C. V. Busch '97.

French horn - E. M. Capen '97.

Drum - H. H. Brown '97.

BANJO CLUB.Banjeaurines - J. T. Emott '95, J. B. Reed '95, J. M. Little, Jr., '97, S. C. Kimberly '97, E. D. Mulford '97, R. B. Flershem '98, N. Perkins '98, L. S. Hind '98.

Banjos - M. Lincoln '96, J. Harrison '96, A. S. Knudsen '96, M. E. Stone, Jr., '97, F. F. Lamson '97.

Guitars - J. L. Bremer, Jr., '96, D. J. Fales '97, J. DeK. Towner '98, W. B. Johnston '97, H. E. Pickering '97, H. T. Hooper '98.

MANDOLIN CLUB.First Mandolin - D. E. Mitchell '97, G. L. Collins '96, F. E. Barry '97, W. McKittrick '96, V. Burnett '98, R. G. Morse '96.

Second Mandolin - F. R. Wright '98, S. W. Fordyce '98, R. L. Scaife '97, H. T. Carter '97.

Guitars - H. R. Storrs '96, J. L. Bremer Jr., '96, W. B. Johnston '97, J. DeK. Towner '98.

Flageolot - J. C. Hunt '96.

Viola - F. L. Waldo '98.

The following ladies will act as patronesses: Mrs. Charles W. Eliot, Mrs. William E. Russell, Mrs. Joseph B. Warner, Mrs. Joseph G. Thorp, Jr., Mrs. Edward C. Pickering, Mrs. W. W. Goodwin, Mrs. B. F. Goodrich, Mrs. Alexander McKenzie, Mrs. George H. Palmer.

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