Harvard, 80; Lynn, 18.

The Harvard cricket team defeated Lynn Saturday afternoon by a score of 80 to 18. Two of the Harvard eleven did not turn up at the station on account of a mistake in the time announced, so that only nine men went to Lynn. A young boy played in place of one of the two missing men. Lynn went in first to bat, but was unable to do anything with the splendid bowling of Clark and Hastings. For Harvard, Clark batted out over half the runs, making 41. He was retired near the end of the innings by a ball coming off his pads on to the wicket.

The score:


R. Hood, c. DuPont, b. Clark, 0

J. Wall, b. Clark, 0


R. Fairburn, b. Hastings, 3

J. J. Heys, b. Hastings, 3

W. Brooks, b. Hastings, 0

F. Whitcroft, b. Hastings, 1

H. Whitcroft, c. and b. Clark, 1

W. Cowgill, run out, 4

T. Lawton, b. Clark, 3

H. Dyson, not out, 1

S. Throp, b. Hastings, 1

Extras, 1