Princeton '98, 10; Harvard '98, 6.

The Harvard freshman nine lost its game with the Princeton freshman nine, which was played at Princeton last Saturday, by the score of 10 to 6.

The game was a decidedly one-sided contest until the last two innings, when Easton eased up and lost the excellent support which he received during the early part of the game.

Cozzens was a trifle wild at times. Brown made many pretty stops, but was erratic. With the exception of Goodrich none of the Harvard team played a remarkable game. Princeton well showed the result of careful training.

In the third Suter started the ball rolling for Princeton. Thompson was hit and Reiter sacrificed. Brown's passed ball allowed Suter to score. Butler and Easton were retired.

In the fifth Edmunds was retired. Walker got to first on four balls, and Haskell advanced him by hitting safely, as did Hayes. McVey only popped up to the infield, and Easton, with the bases full, struck out Cozzens. Then Suter was hit. Walker fumbled Thompson's grounder and Brown muffed Butler's high fly, Suter and Thompson coming in. Easton's two-bagger brought in Butler. Barrett made first on Hayes' error, and Cochrane brought in two more runs.


In the sixth Brown hit safely and stole second. A faint cheer came from the Harvard bench, but Brown was left on second. For Princeton, Thompson completed the circuit on Chandler's error. Reiter made second on Haskell's, Butler flied out, Easton got four balls, and both he and Reiter scored on Barrett's two-bagger.

In the eighth McVey flied out to Cozzens and Brown got to first on balls. Chandler struck out. Reiter failed to field Goodrich's grounder, Cozzens scoring. Edmunds's two-bagger brought in two runs. Walker struck out.

Harvard scored three runs in the ninth, also. Haskell got his base, and came in on Hayes' hit, McVey scored on a series of errors, and Cozzens brought in the last run on Brown's sacrifice.

The score:


R. B. P. O. A. E.

Suter, l.f. 2 1 0 0 0

Thompson, 2b. 2 1 0 0 0

Reiter, r.f. 1 0 5 2 1

Butler, c.f. 1 0 0 0 0