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There will be no recitation in English A, today.

The following Yale men have been entered by the N. Y. A. C. for the cross country run next month; Williams, '92, Curtis, L. S. Scoville, '93, and Buist, '95.

Prof. W. K. Townsend of the Yale Law School, has been nominated by President Harrison to be United States District Judge for the District of Connecticut.

The following men have been chosen editors of the Amherst Literary Monthly: G. B. Zuz, C. D. Wood, R. P. St. John, F. D. Blodgett and H. Babson.

The following men have presented themselves as candidates for the Yale Junior nine: Bliss, (captain), Crouse, Dill, Dunham, Field, Harmstead, Holbrook, Martin, McKenna, Parsons and Sacket.

A Western Inter-Collegiate Base Ball League is to be established, including the University of Michigan, Northwestern, the University of Minnesota, the University of Wisconsin, and Chicago University.

The size of the freshman class in some of the most important eastern colleges is as follows: Williams, 105; Amherst, 82; Harvard, 400; Yale, over 500; Wesleyan, 70; Princeton, 325; Smith, 240; Colgate, 51; Hamilton, 46; Rochester, 59; Union, 80; and Cornell, 425. - Ex.

The crews at St. Pauls School this year are as follows: Shattuck - Bow, Mumford; No. 2, Raymond; No. 3, Kales; No. 4, Billard; No. 5, A. Scudder; No. 6, Brown (captain); No. 7, Penrose; Stroke, Fennessy. Halcyon - Bow, Eicholtz; No. 2, Furman; No. 3, Brewer; No. 4, McCrea I; No. 5, Riggs; No. 6, Campbell I; No. 7, Hickok I; Stroke and captain, Townsend.

It has been finally decided that Columbia will have no 'Varsity crew this year, as President Low has refused to excuse the Mines candidates from their summer work. It will be impossible for them to row, and they are the only experienced oarsmen in the college. The men will, however, row with their class crews in the Spring regatta.

After the Easter recess, caps and gowns of the Oxford type will be worn by the members of the senior class in the academic department of Yale.

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