Harvard, 128; Lowell, 32.

The cricket team had an easy victory over the strong Lowell team on the home grounds of the latter on Saturday. The Harvard players were in excellent trim, fielding sharply and batting four of Lowell's best bowlers at will. On the other hand, the home team was out of practice, neither batting nor fielding in its accustomed form.

The score:


Clark, b. D. Smyth, 6

Dupont, b. Comber, 1


Richardson, b. Hart, 46

Adams, b. D. Smith, 10

Mathews, b. J. Smith, 14

Scott run out 10

Comfort, c. Whitehead, b. J. Smith 12

Byrd, st. Priestly, b. J. Smith, 2

Parker, c. Hart, b. Comber, 1

Kennedy, c. Hart, b. J. Smith, 12

Hastings, not out, 12

Extras, 2