A Successful Meeting. - New Records in Hammer and Mile Run.

The 'varsity games which were held on Saturday proved very successful. The attendance was good, the track in fine condition and the weather favorable to fast time although rather threatening. In almost all the track events the time was fast and all the contests were close and exciting. Two records were broken; the mile run, which Coolidge won in 4m. 30 4/5s., and the hammer throwing, in which Johnstone did 108 ft. 8 in. This was not remarkable however, for hitherto the hammer has been thrown from a stand.

The first event was the 120 yards hurdle race which Monroe won without much difficulty, with Williams second.

The 100 yards dash was very closely contested. Bigelow was said before the running to be in poor condition and the result justified this statement, for he was unplaced in the finals. Prado was also beaten in his preliminary heat. Redpath showed up in fine form and succeeded in beating Gonterman by about a foot after a hard struggle.

The quarter furnished one of the most exciting races of the afternoon. Marshall set a very hot pace, and until the home stretch was reached had a lead of about ten yards on Bingham. At the finish he weakened, but managed to win by a few inches in fast time.

A large field started in the half mile, and for the first part of the race Vincent headed the procession, running the first quarter in 57 seconds. Hollister stayed in third place till the finish, when he came up very strongly and won the race from Vincent, while Williams was a good third. The time was very good.


There was a rumor that Newell would furnish a surprise in the mile run, and break the record by several seconds, and he probably would have done this if he had run with more judgment. As it was he soon left the field and gained a lead of 50 yards in the first two laps. The pace proved to be too fast, however, and Coolidge, who was running in fine form, passed him and won by 10 yards, with Emerson the same distance behind Newell.

Redpath again proved his superiority to the other sprinters by winning the 220 yards dash. He took the lead at the start and was never headed. The low hurdles were also very easy for Bremer.

The bicycle race proved very interesting. Holmes, Brinekerhoff, Eliot and Burdett started in the final heat, and for six laps maintained this order. Burdett then quickened his pace and led until the home stretch, when he was passed by Eliot and Brinckerhoff. The former crossed the line first in a close finish.

The field events were not remarkable, with the exception of the broad jump, in which Stickney cleared 22 ft. 2 1/2 in.

The summary:

One hundred yards dash - First trial heat won by L. W. Redpath '98; second, A. M. Eaton, Jr., '97; time 10 2/5s. Second trial heat won by M. G. Gonterman '96; second, F. H. Bigelow '98; time, 10 2/5s. Third trial heat won by J. L. Bremer '96; second, H. R. Storrs '96; time, 10 3/5s. Final won by L. W. Redpath '98; second, M. G. Gonterman '96; third, J. L. Bremer '96; time, 10 2/5s.

One hundred and twenty yards hurdle race (hurdles 3 ft. 6 in.) - First heat won by V. Munroe '96; second, N. P. Hallowell '97; time, 16 4/5s. Second heat won by H. L. Williams '97; second, J. C. Rice '98; time, 17 2/5s. Final won by V. Munroe '96; second, H. L. Williams '97; time, 16 4/5s.

Running long jump - Won by A. Stickney '97, 22 ft. 2 1/2 in.; second, E. H. Clark '96, 21 ft. 1 3/8 in.; third, J. G. Clark '96, 21 ft. 1 in.

Throwing 16 pound hammer - Won by H. R. Johnstone L. S., 108 ft. 8 in.; second, M. J. Connor '97, 105 ft., 6 in.; third, W. D. Hennen '98, 93 ft. 7 in.

Running high jump - Won by E. H. Clark '96, 5 ft. 9 in.; second, W. E. Putnam, Jr. '97, 5 ft. 7 7/8 in.