American School at Athens.

The Archaeological Institute of America and the managing committee of the American School of Classical Studies at Athens offer for the year 1895-96 two fellowships in classical archaeology, each of the value of $600.

These fellowships are open to all bachelors of arts of universities and colleges in the United States.

The holders of these fellowships will be enrolled as regular members of the American School of Classical studies at Athens. They will be required to prosecute under the supervision of the director of the school, the study of Classical Archaeology in Greek lands for a period of ten months, from Oct. 1, 1895; but, with his consent, they may be in residence for two months of this time at the American School of Classical Studies in Rome, under the charge of the director of that school.

Each holder of a Fellowship will be required to pursue, in addition to his general studies, some definite subject of research, and to present at the end of the school year a paper embodying the results of his investigations.

These Fellowships will be awarded by a special committee, on the basis of such written evidence of fitness as candidates may be able to furnish. In 1896-97 and thereafter such fellowships as the Managing Committee may have within its gift will be awarded by competitive examination. Application for the coming year must be made on the blank form furnished by the Committee on Fellowships, and must be in its hands before July 15, 1895. The award will be made as soon thereafter as practicable, and the successful candidates will be advised to spend the remainder of the summer in study in the museums of northern Europe


For special information about the school, address Professor T. D. Seymour, Chairman of the Managing Committee, New Haven, Conn.; for the last report of the managing committee, address Professor James R. Wheeler, secretary, Burlington, Vermont; for blank forms of application for a fellowship, address Professor John Williams White, chairman of the committee on fellowships, Cambridge, Mass.

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