Special Notice.

FURNISHED Flat for sale near Reynolds Hotel, Boston. Call after three o'clock this week at upper flat, 15 Essex St.

62tTHE programme of Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show is a splenid monument to the abilities of that enterprising person and his power of attracting the best performers to exhibit before the best audiences. The first five events illustrate exciting scenes on the great American prairie before the railroads had been projected west. In the fifth event a prairie emigrant train crossing the plains is attacked by a wild band of Indians who are gallantly repulsed by Buffalo Bill and a few scouts. The whole scene is thrillingly realistic in the smoke and broil of battle which it represents. Next to the unique feats of sharp shooting of Col. W. F. Cody (Buffalo Bill) the event of the performance is the rescue of the identical old Deadwood mail coach from the attack of Indians. The sharpshooting of Col. Cody is unique, wonderful! Nobody has ever succeeded in equalling his skill which was not cultivated to excite the wonder of audiences but in the service of the U. S. army on the great western plains.

M. F. GILRAIN pays highest prices for gents' cast-off clothing. Address, Cambridge post office. All orders promptly attended to.

95 2tJ. T. OLSSON & Co. have received from Austria a lot of hand painted Harvard china, bonbonieres, ash trays, cups, etc. I offer them at a price barely one-half of that asked for similar goods painted in this country. Look in their window.

95 3tLOST. - A gold watch made by French, Royal Exchange, London. Inside case engraved with coat of arms and "chronometer." A liberal reward will be paid for its return and no questions asked. Janitor, Shepherd block, 31 Holyoke street.


CLASS DAY NOTICE. - Friends of students who intend spending Class Day week in Cambridge will find newly furnished suites, with bath-rooms, at Felton Hall, 1640 Cambridge street.

95 7t