Title of Building Cleared in Court of Equity - A Generous Gift.

At last, after months of waiting, the title of the old City Hall has been cleared in the Court of Equity. This means that the Prospect Union can make the purchase which it has so long contemplated. Eight thousand five hundred dollars of the ten thousand which it was necessary to have have, already been subscribed. Thirteen thousand more were to have been obtained on a mortgage.

But a second piece of good fortune which has come to the Prospect Union has caused these plans-to been changed. A gentleman has come forward with a gift of one thousand dollars. But in granting this he makes this condition: The Prospect Union must take the old City Hall clear of debt. He specifies that this be done by the first of next October. But it is very probable that some extension of time may be obtained.

In brief, all this means that the Prospect Union must get subscriptions for something more than thirteen thousand dollars during the summer. To be successful, the co-operation of all college men who are not already active or sustaining members of the Union must be had, and not only of them, but of Cambridge and Boston people also.

The entire history of the Prospect Union, from its earliest beginning to the present, has been such that its members and supporters feel justified in their confidence of success. But Harvard of today owes it to herself to be just as loyal and as steady in the Prospect Union work as she was in the days of its incipiency.

The list of those who have already contributed to the building fund is as follows:


Henry C. Warren, $1000.00

Francis C. Foster, 500.00

Henry Lee, 500.00

Mr. and Mrs. David P. Kimball, 500.00

Robert Treat Paine, 300.00

Rt. Rev. William Lawrence, 250.00

Miss Alice Longfellow, 250.00

Martin Brimmer, 250.00

Denman W. Ross, 250.00

S. S. Sleeper, 250.00