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Make-up of the Two Teams for Today's Game - Former Scores.


The first game in the Harvard-Yale baseball series will be played on Holmes Field at half-past three o'clock this afternoon. Neither team will play with its full strength, but the contest promises to be a close one. Neither Whittemore nor Dean are in condition to play, and McVey will be put at shortstop. Hayes has been placed in the batting list, but is suffering from ivy poison, and there seems to be little chance that he will be able to play. Burgess will probably take his place unless Whittemore's ankle is improved sufficiently to allow his playing in the outfield.

Contrary to reports received from New Haven, Carter will at least for a time occupy the box for Yale. If he proves weak he will be replaced by Trudeau.

It is difficult to make any prediction as to the result of the game. If the Harvard team plays at its best, its chances are not unfavorable, though its record through the season has been much worse than Yale's.

Following is the batting order of the two teams for the game today.


Rand, l.f. s.s., Rustin.

Winslow, 3b. r.f., Keator.

Scannell, c. 2b., Redington.

Hayes, r.f. p., Carter.

Highlands, p. 1b., Stephenson.

Paine, l.f. l.f., Speer.

Stevenson, 1b. c.f., Letton.

McVey, s.s. 3b., Quinby.

Wrenn, 2b. c., Greenway.

Ushers for the Game.Will the following men kindly act as ushers at the game tomorrow. All ushers must be on hand at 2 o'clock sharp, otherwise their places will be filled.

B. G. Waters, R. W. Emmons 2nd, G. G. Murchie, W. M. Briggs, E. H. Warren, C. M. Flandrau, C. E. Noyes, W. K. Brice, D. C. Greene, H. F. Hartwell, A. F. Stevenson, Jr., T. Spalding, J. Purdon, N. W. Bingham, J. K. Whittemore, W. H. Reed, W. H. Cameron, C. S. Pierce, J. C. Fairchild, H. R. Storrs, W. D. Brookings, A. H. Newman, W. S. Soule, W. H. Sides, E. Jones, E. B. Bloss, J. Upton, H. A. Bull, L. Mott.

NORMAN H. WHITERecord of Games this Year.The following are the scores made in the baseball games this season. In each case the Harvard score is given first.

Date. Opponents. Score.

March 30, Andover, 17 - 5

April 12, Lovells, 14 - 8

April 18, Dartmouth, 6 - 7

April 20, Tufts, 7 - 11

April 23, Dartmouth, 3 - 2

April 25, Lovells, 14 - 5

April 28, Amherst, 5 - 1

April 30, Holy Cross, 3 - 4

May 1, Williams, 10 - 3

May 4, Williams, 11 - 4

May 7, Brown, 8 - 13

May 11, Princeton, 2 - 7

May 13, Pennsylvania, 7 - 11

May 15, Holy Cross, 1 - 7

May 20, Colgate, 10 - 9

May 22, West End R.R., 10 - 2

May 23, Amherst, 6 - 2

May 26, Brown, 7 - 0

May 27, Boston, 2 - 16

May 30, Princeton, 2 - 14

June 5, Brown, 6 - 13

June 6, Newton A. A., 5 - 9

June 8, Pennsylvania, 8 - 3

June 10, U. of Vermont, 6 - 9

June 12, Brown, 4 - 7

June 15, Newton A. A., 11 - 2

Total points, Harvard 185.

Total points, Opponents 174.

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