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The following list of deaths of Harvard men during the summer is taken from the records of the editor of the Quinquennial Catalogue:



1832. William Cushing Div. 1849, born 15 May, 1811, at Lunenburg; died at Cambridge, 27 August.

1844. William Gardiner Prescott, LL.B. 1847, born 27 January, 1826, at Boston; died at Pepperell, 15 August.

1847. William Henry Harlbut Div. 1849, born 1827, at Charleston, S. C.; died at Cadenabbia, Italy, 6 September.

1848. Thomas Henderson Chandler LL.B. 1853, D. M. d. (hon.) 1853, born 4 July, 1827, at Boston; died at Boston, 27 August.

1852. Almon Spencer, born 21 September, 1828, at Aurora, O.; died at Clinton, S. C., 18 July.

1858. Alfred Houston Haven M. D. 1861, born 26 April, 1836, at Portsmouth, N. H.; died at Boston, 12 September.

1863. John Winthrop, born 20 June, 1841, at Boston; died at Stockbridge, 18 September.

1865. John Wilkins Carter, born 30 June, 1843, at Boston. died at Harwichport, 5 July.

1867. Arthur Brooks, Rev., born 11 June, 1845; died at sea, 10 July.

1875. Richard Montague, Rev., born 4 July, 1853, at Westborough; died at Newton Centre, 24 July.

1882. John McGregor Cochrane, M. D. 1885, died at Somerville, 6 August.

1886. Frank Anthony Luques, died at Westbrook, Me., 8 August; drowned in Saco River.

1886. Sumner Dow Richardson, died at Lenoir, N. C., August, 1895.

1887. Robert de Wolfe, Sampson, LL.B., born 14 April, 1865, at Liverpool, England; died at Pittsfield, 9 July.

1892. Theodore Russell Bates, born 1871; died at Wilmington, Delaware, September, 13.


1837. Edward Spalding, born 15 September, 1813, at Amherst, N. H.; died at Lake Parmachenee, Me., 22 June.

1852. Martin Nelson Root, born 14 December, 1829, at So. Byfield; died at Charlestown, N. H., 28 July.

1859. Thomas Hamel Pinkerton, born 20 June, 1817, at Amesbury; died at Oakland, Cal., 4 August.

1862. Joshua Green Wilbur, born 25 September, 1825, at Newburyport; lied at Upper Montclair, N. J., 25 June.

1871. James Thomas Still, born 12 July, 1840, at Medford, N. J.; died at Boston, 22 June.

1878, Otis French Ham, died at Boston, 7 September.

1886. Edward McGlynn, born at Boston; died at Roxbury, 26 July, 1895.


1835. William Jones Hoppin A. B. Yale, 1832, born 1813; died at Providence, R. I., 3 September.

1854. William Austin Dickinson, born 16 April, 1829, at Amherst; died at Amherst, 16 August.

Names Sumner, born 28 May, 1831, at Milton; died at Milton, 4 August.


1834. George Van Briggs S. T. D. 1855, born 1810, at Little Compton, R. I., died at Plymouth, 10 September.

1853. William Martin Bicknell, died at Malden, 28 August.


1891. Fred Homer Woodcock, born 5 July, 1868, at Leicester; died at Boston, 27 June.


1860. Daniel Cady Eaton, born 12 September, 1834, at Fort Gratiot, Mich.; died at New Haven, Conn., 29 June.


1876. (LL.D.) Alexander Hamilton Rice, born 30, August, 1818, at Newton Lower Falls; died at Melrose, 22 July.

1889. George Wallis Haven (A.M.), born 24 June, 1808, at Portsmouth, N. H.; died at Portsmouth, N. H., 9 August.

1893. (LL.D.) Richard Morris Hunt, born 31 October, 1828, at Brattleboro, Vt.; died at Newport, R. I., 31 July.

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