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Cranston Coaches.- Good Work by Cozzens '98 and Capt. Brewer.


The only change in yesterday's practice was that the length of the halves was increased from ten to thirteen minutes. Mr. Lathrop was on the field and made a careful note of the physical condition of each man. Cranston, who played centre on the winning eleven in 1890 coached the centre men. He paid special attention to Jaffray. Norton Shaw appeared on the field on crutches.

Cozzens, who had been playing on the second eleven for the last three days was taken on the first squad yesterday. He justified his advancement by playing a brilliant all around game. He made several good tackles, rushed the ball forward once with three men clinging to him and blocked off for Dunlop who made a thirty-five yard run after catching a punt.

Capt. Brewer did some excellent interfering on end plays. Brown on the second got into every play and tackled well always. Gonterman only played a short time but he followed his interference well.

Weld fell back a little in his playing. He fumbled badly once, and did not follow his interference closely enough. Fuller showed up well against Gould. He got through often and made good holes.

Hamlen who has been playing quarterback on the second seems to have a very good command of the men. Yesterday when he succeeded B. Hayes the second eleven picked up wonderfully in its aggressiveness. As a result several large gains were made and the first eleven had to work much harder than usually.

The line up of the two elevens yesterday was as follows:


Moulton, l. e. r. e., Townsend.

Cabot, l. e. r. e., Newell.

Stevenson, l. t. r. t., Wheeler.

r. t., Whitback.

Holt, l. g. r. g., Merriman.

Sargent, l. g.

Shaw, c. c., Hoague.

Jaffray, r. g. l. g., Sargent.

Gould, r. t. l. t., Fuller.

Haughton, r. e. l. e., Davis.

A. Brewer, r. e. l. e., Bull.

Wadsworth, q. b. q. b., B. Hayes.

Borden, q. b. q. b., Hamlen.

Weld, h. b. h. b., Gierasch.

Cozzens, h. b. h. b., Redpath.

J. Hayes, h. b. h. b., Brown.

Gonterman, h. b. h. b., Davis.

Dunlop, f. b. f. b., Harrison.

Fairchild, f. b. f. b., Gierasch.

Sixty Freshmen Come Out.

There were about sixty of the candidates for the freshman eleven who showed up for practice on the open ground on Soldiers Field yesterday afternoon. The men were set to work punting, catching and running. The system of work this year will be practically the same as last year,

The men will immediately be formed into elevens and will line up against each other daily. As the season advances the more promising men will be put together to form a first eleven.

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