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The first religious service of the college year will be held in Appleton Chapel tomorrow evening. It will be conducted by Rev. S. M. Crothers. The sermon will be preached by Rev. Francis G. Peabody and brief addresses will be made by Rev. Philip S. Moxom D. D., and Rev. Leighton Parks D. D. In order that members of the University may be well accommodated in the Chapel the north side-door will be reserved as an entrance for students and the north side-door for officers of the University and their families.

The morning chapel services will begin on Monday, at 8.45 a. m.

On Sunday, October 6, President Patton of Princeton will preach and the following week Rev. Brooke Hereford, D. D., London, formerly Preacher of the University.

The University Hymn Book.One of the most noteworthy events of the new college year is the publication of the University Hymn Book, for the Appleton Chapel services. The plan of the book is best set forth in the preface;

"This hymn book is designed for the use of young men in a University under an undenominational religious system. Ministers of different Christian communities should, therefore, find in it hymns which all can use with satisfaction, and young men should find in it masculine piety and honest aspiration. Hymns of a character foreign to natural sentiments of young men have been excluded. The book being intended for daily use, contains an unusually large proportion of hymns for morning and evening worship.

"In 1886, each of the preachers to the University for that year,- Rev. Edward Everett Hale, D. D., Rev. Phillips Brooks, D. D., Rev. Alexander McKenzie, D. D., Rev. George A. Gordon, D. D.,- indicated the fifty hymns which in his judgment were most desirable for this purpose; and the collation of this material is the foundation of the book. Since that time the collection has been reviewed, and further suggestions have been made by Rev. Lyman Abbott, D. D., and Rev. Brooke Herford, D. D., preachers to the University in 1891; but the final responsibility for the selection of hymns rests with the Plummer Professor, and for the selection of tunes with the Organist and Choirmaster of the University.

"Great pains have been taken to give each hymn in its original reading; so that the University may have no part in perpetuating the garbled forms which occur in many collections. In some instances stanzas have been omitted from necessity, and in others stanzas have been transposed for convenience; but in all instances the author's language has been scrupulously sought for and retained. A few hymns which seem to be historically and inevitably composite, are so noted, and their sources are explained in the index of authors. In the musical settings similar pains have been taken to secure accurate and authorized readings as appears in the index of composers.

"The verification of authorities has been made by Rev. Charles F. Russell, with assistance at the British Museum and elsewhere in England. Mr. Russell has also prepared the biographical sketches."

The book contains nearly three hundred hymns, not more than one hymn being set on a page, The typography is of rare excellence and the rich leather covers upon which the seal of the University is stamped in gold show the very best workmanship.

Of the hymns may be specially mentioned Phillips Brooks's "O Little Town of Bethlehem," the music to which was written for the University Hymn Book by Joseph Barnby; and the Harvard Hymn by Professor Paine, for which the words beginning "Deus omnium Creator" were written last year by Professor Greenough. In accordance with a desire frequently expressed to the compilers of the hymn book, a large number of German Chorals have been inserted.

The task of setting the tunes has been performed by the University Organist and Choirmaster Warren A. Locke '69, whose long experience in conducting the music in Appleton Chapel has eminently fitted him for the work.

A notice of the hymn book would be incomplete without a mention of the excellent indexes which supplement it. Of these, the biographical indexes of authors and translators and of composers are remarkably copious and interesting.

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