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Randall. P G, 29 Holyoke street

Raymond, W L, 28 Holyoke street

Reed, G H, 42 Holyoke House

Remick, E W, 1 Holyoke House

Richardson, F L W, 78 Mt Auburn street

Richardson, O W, 16 Holyoke House

Rideout, H M, mail at 22 Prescott street

Robbins, C, 114 Marlborough street, Boston

Robbins, T H, 114 Marlborough street, Boston

Robbins, W B, 17 Hastings

Robinson, D L, 58 Hammond street

Robinson, M, 30 Read's block

Rogers, J M, 21 Linwood street, Roxbury

Roper, W C, 438 Green street

Rore, J B, 48 Grays

Rousmaniere, J E, 14 Matthews

Ruggles, F A, 4 Foxcroft

Russell, F A, 35 Conant

Sampson, H, Jr, 24 Claverly

Sargent, C, Jr, 43 Irving street

Sargent, G M, 18 Holworthy

Savage, M S, 8 Holyoke street

Sayre, H, Jr, 48 Brattle street

Schlesinger, B E, 26 Holyoke street

Scudder, W M, 8 Littles Block

Sewell, G H, 14 Claverly

Sears, E H, 2nd, 25 Holyoke street

Seasongood, E A, 17 Matthews

Shaw, H H, 7 Linden street

Shaw, R G, 3rd, 5 Linden street

Shaw, S P, Jr, 8 Prescott street

Sherburne, J H, Jr, 3 Shepherd's Block

Sherman, W A, 94 Prescott street

Shore, H E, 58 Matthews

Silberberg, W, 1750 Cambridge street

Simonds, A T. 28 Thayer

Slye, R, 34 College House

Smerdon, C J, 694 Tremont street, Bostov

Smith, A J, 4 Grays

Smith, P S, 40 Kirkland

Smith, W D, 23 Conant

Snite, F J, Mail to 41 Perkins

Soderling, Walter, 12 Dunster street

Somers, P E, 1256 Mass avenue

Spaulding, A C, 4 Conant

Spargo, E B, 32 Temple street, Mattapan, Mass

Spencer, V, 8 Read's Block

Spencer, W H, 31 Hilton's Block

Stanley, W P, 595 Massachusetts avenue

Stanwood, E B, 8 Shepherd's Block

Stearns, H N, 44 Wallace street

Stearns, M, 52 Perkins

Stephens, C H, 1750 Cambridge street

Stobbs, G R, 13 Kirkland Place

Stoddard, F R Jr, 48 Weld Hall

Stowell, H W, Waltham

Stratton, G R, 26 Irving street, Watertown

Straw, P, 52 Ware

Studley, J B, 80 Wendell street

Sullivan, M H, 94 Prescott street

Sullivan, M X, 56 Plympton street

Sutro, F C, 30 Felton

Swan, G A, 69 Perkins

Swift, F R, 7 Linden street

Talmadge, H 2d, 16 Hastings

Taylor, F B, 15 Holyoke House

Taylor, W J, 40 Weld

Terhune, E B, 45 Wendell

Tewksbury, E B, 65 Hammond street

Thayer F E, 44 Garfield street

Thayer, J M, 31 Weld

Thompson, G W, 57 Brattle street

Throop, E A, Shepard street

Tiffany, G S, 26 Claverly

Tomlinson, F, 50 Frost street, North Cambridge

Tower, B, 16 College House

Tucker, D, 5 Linden street

Tucker, P M, 99 Sedgwick street, Jamaica Plain

Turner, F A, Jr, 29 Hilton's Block

Tyler, W M, 47 Matthews

Urquhart, D F, Jr, 315 Huntington avenue, Boston

Vedder, G C, 22 Mt Auburn street

Virgin, E H, 63 Thayer

Wakefield, E E, Jr, Newtonville

Ward, A, Jr, 38 Conant

Ward, C W, 12 Thornley street, Dorchester

Ware, L E, 25 Holyoke street

Warner, E, 23 Little's Block

Watson, T S. 94 Prescott street

Webster, Evans, 17 Thayer

Weis, F S, 58 Mt Auburn street

Wheeler, C A, 5 Ashton place

Wheeler, H A, 1727 Cambridge street

Whitbeck, B H, 5 Linden street

White, F C, 6 Phillips Place

White, F O, 10 Thayer

White, H P, 47 Conant

Whitman, M D, 21 Little's block

Whitney, H F, 22 Shepard street

Wiel, S C, 1671 Cambridge street

Wight, W A, 39 Weld

Williams, Harold, Jr, 41 Thayer

Williams, H D H, 21 Conant

Williams, R W, 27 Little's block

Winch, W P, 15 Holyoke House

Wing, H M, 158 Foster street, Melrose

Winsor, W P, Jr, 80 Perkins

Wise, A H, 22 Conant

Wise, A W, 1664 Massachusetts avenue

Wise, E S, 1666 Massachusetts avenue

Wolcott, R, Jr, 42 Beck

Wolff, H F, 13 Warland block

Wonson, S L, 1595 Massachusetts avenue

Woodberry, C D, 25 Conant

Woodward, L A, 32 Wigglesworth street, Somerville

Wright, S W, 94 Prescott street

Wyeth, W F, 219 Brattle street

Wyler, A L, 9 Gray's

Wyman, F W, 44 Conant

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