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Graduate Fund at Yale.


The Alumni Fund Association at Yale is working to increase the general funds of the university. In order to do this the following circular letter has been sent out to the graduates by the executive committee:

"Yale's greatest need is an income for general purposes. Most of the endowments and legacies are confined to specific uses, so that, while each year the university grows richer in new buildings and special scholarships, she continues to need money more and more for operating expenses. This association undertakes to collect $10,000 to $12,000 per annum for use in any department. The fiscal year ends in June and we have only about $2500. It will be observed that $10,000 per annum is equivalent to an endowment of $200,000 bearing 5 percent interest. We ask you for a contribution and we desire the liberty of asking you for it every year until you form the habit of adding this to your list of annual gifts. Yale men have established a reputation for courage and persistence; let them not neglect to be liberal, especially toward their mother, Yale."

This is signed by Payson Merrill '65, Geo. A. Adee '67, Thomas Thacher '71, Otto T. Bannard '76, Henry W. Calhound '71, Percy R. Bolton '86, William W. Skiddy '65, Robert W. De Forest '70, Thomas De Witt Cuyler '74, Walter Jennings '80, William Adams Brown '86, Wm. F. Judson '90, directors; Wm. W. Farnham '66, treasurer; Lewis S. Haslam '90, secretary.

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