To be Given to the Team by Prominent Football Men.

The football management are arranging a series of seven fortnightly football talks by prominent bootball men. The series will be opened by Joseph H. Sears with a talk on "Practical Lessons from the Development of the Yale Football Team of 1895." This meeting will occur Thursday evening, January 30, 1896, at the Colonial Club. The next meeting, Tuesday. February 11, will be given up to talks by Mr. William Blaikie, author of "How to get Strong and How to Stay so," and Mr. James G. Lathrop on "The Phusical Sidev of Football." Meetings thereafter will be on alternate Monday evenings. Light refreshments will be served after each meeting.

All men who have played with the 'varsity squad and all who have played on class elevens, together with all who intend to come out next fall and play football are allowed the privilege of obtaining tickets to these seven meetings. Tickets can be obtained byu application to Edgar N. Wrightington, at Hollis 9.

The members of the 'varsity crew and baseball nine are invited to be present at the meeting of, February 11.