Loubat Prizes.

Under the direction of Columbia College two prizes known as the Loubat Prizes are offered under the following regulations:

I. Two prizes, viz., a first prize of not less than one thousand, and a second prize of not less than four hundred dollars, to be known as the Loubat Prizes, shall be awarded in the year 1898, and in every fifth year thereafter, to the author of the best works on the history, geography, archaeology, ethnology, philology, or numismatics of North America. The competition for these prizes shall be open to all persons, whether citizens of the Unites States or of any other country.

II. For the purpose of the award the subjects above named shall be divided into two groups, in which the award shall be made alternately, viz.:

(a) History, geography and numismatics.

(b) Archaeology, ethnology and philology.


The awards to be made in 1898 shall be conferred for works relating to subjects of the second group.

III. The conditions of competition shall be:

(a) That the work fall within the group of subjects designated for the current quinquennial period, and that it be published within that period.

(b) That it be written by one person.

(c) That it embody the results of original research.

(d) That it be published in the English language.

IV. Neither of the prizes shall be divided.

V. A Committee of Award, consisting of three members, shall be appointed at the beginning of each quinquennial period. It shall be appointed and any vacancy occuring therein shall be filled, by a committee composed of the president of Columbia College and the deans of the faculties of Political science and Philosophy. The Committee of Award shall determine and announce, within two months after its appointment, what further conditions, not inconsistent with the purpose of the endowment, shall be established for the current quinquennial period. In particular, this committee may recommend one or more special topics of investigation, and limit the awards, primarily to works upon such topic or topics.

VI. The committee shall report to the president of Columbia College not later than May 1st of the year designated for the award. If special topics of investigation shall have been recommended and no work upon these topics shall appear worthy of a prize, the committee shall have power to confer the prizes upon the authors of the most meritorious works falling within the provisions above laid down in Paragraph III, and published within the preceding ten years. If but a single work upon a suggested topic shall appear worthy of a prize, the committee shall have power to award the second prize on the broader basis of competition above indicated. If no works, or but a single work, be found worthy of an award, both or either of the prizes may be withheld.

VII. All works submitted in competition shall be placed, after the award, in the library of Columbia College. The recipient of a prize is requested to present five copies of the prize work to Columbia College, which copies shall be distributed in accordance with the conditions prescribed in Mr. Loubat's deed of gift; and it is requested that all subsequent editions of the work bear upon the title-page the words: "Loubat Prize, Columbia College in the City of New York," with the date at which the prize was conferred.

VIII. To insure consideration of their works, authors are invited to send three copies of each work to the President of Columbia College, not later than April 1, 1898; but the award shall not be limited to works so submitted. Copies of works submitted shall be placed after the award, in the Library of Columbia College.

The Committee of Award for 1898 consists of the following members: Professor H. T. Peck Columbia College (chairman); Professor Daniel G. Brinton, University of Pennsylvania; and W. J. McGee, Esq., Smithsonian Institution. Washington, D. C.