Chess Tournament Drawings.

Drawings for the chess tournament resulted as follows:

Section 1.- E. B. Hilliard '00, 10 Conant; J. S. Cochrane, 27 Hilton; R. P. Perry, 54 Garden street; H. J. Bennett '98, 2 Stoughton; H. V. H. Lewis, 14 Brewer's.

Section 2.- A. M. Worst, 96 Prescott street; C. Sanchez '00, 1132 Mass. avenue; C. L. Barnard '97, 7 Sumner street; Jesse Frank '00, 9 Trinity; W. C. Arensberg '00, 12 Oxford street.

Section 3.- E. B. Escott, 45 Trowbridge street; F. T. Dow, 42 Weld; C. Gaw '98, 125 Mt. Auburn street; F. E. Thayer '99; 44 Garfield street; C. H. Baker, 1200 Mass. avenue.

Section 4.- E. Stowell '98, 47 Matthews; E. S. Foster '00, 342 Harvard street; R. McC. Nash '99, 52 Hastings; W. B. Cutting '97, 48 Claverly; H. C. Ffoulke '98, 13 Weld.


Section 5.- S. C. Wirt '99, 66 Perkins; E. P. Fay, 1L, 50 Grays, T. Weston Jr., 76 Franklin street, Newton; J. E. McCloskey, Jr., '00, 12 Oxford street; F. Palmer, Jr., '00, 11 Quincy street.

Play begins at once. Each man plays one game with every other in his section. Results of his games must be handed in by each player on or before Tuesday, October 20, at 25 Grays. The time limit of fifteen moves an hour may be waived by mutual consent. Any disputes which may occur should be referred to the executive committee. First move is to be decided by lot. The first and second players in each section are advanced to the second round.