Harvard wins from Newton A. A.- Score 18 to 0.

In the game with the Newton A. A. Saturday afternoon, the Harvard football team put up a decidedly weak game, but finally won by the score of 18 to 0.

After the good showing of the past week, the game was especially disappointing. The three touchdowns scored were due chiefly to the poor work of the Newton backs and to Draper's poor kicking, while Harvard gained but little ground by aggressive play.

Newell played right tackle for Newton and broke through the Harvard line almost at will. He was several times caught offside, however, and as a result Newton was heavily penalized.

In general, the first half showed better team work and stronger play than the second, on the part of the Harvard team. The credit was, however, wholly due to Wrightington's steady work and Brown's long punts. The most conspicuous weakness was on the ends, where Newton was again and again allowed to make material gains, owing chiefly to Harvard's poor tackling.

For the Newton team, Draper ran well and Hewes at centre played a strong game.


The first touchdown was scored after fumbling and offside play gave Harvard the ball close to the line. Wrightington carried the ball over, and soon after scored the second touchdown. As before, most of the ground had been gained by Brown's punting.

In the second half Harvard scored again, and nothing further of interest occured except when Newton rushed the ball through centre close enough to Harvard's line for an attempt at a goal from the field. The kick was a poor one, however, and the ball was soon carried back to the middle of the field.

The line-up was as follows:


Richardson, Graydon, l. e. r. e., Clark.

Mills, Haughton, l. t. r. t., Newell.

Sargent, l. g. r. g., Paul.

Jaffray, l. g. r. g., Guyon.

Doucette, F. Shaw, c. c., Hewes.

N. Shaw, Wheeler, r. g. l. g., Leggett.