Bicycle Squad.

The bicycle squad will not be called out this fall for training, although several riders are now training by themselves for the Handicap and Freshman meets. In the former a two-mile handicap will be ridden and in the latter a two-mile scratch race.

There will be no road races this fall and what training there is will be done on the Holmes Field track.

Early in November a meeting will be called to elect the captain for next year's team, and a new manager in place of W. R. Brinckerhoff, who will be unable to serve this year. At the same meeting measures will be taken to more thoroughly organize the bicycling interests of the college in order that new material may be brought out and developed.

Of last year's squad the following men are back: J. F. Wood '98, Capt., E. D. Powers '98, H. D. White '99, H. B. Hewitt '99, G. F. Baker '99, H. H. Richards '98, F. H. Hunt '98, and W. D. Eaton '99.