Overdue English Themes.

We have been asked to call attention to the following regulation:

"A student who fails to give an instructor a theme, forensic, or other written composition at the appointed time will get no credit for it, unless he satisfies the Recorder that the delay was caused by illness or other unavoidable hindrance."

Every theme or forensic which is not handed in at the time regularly announced by the Instructors in English B, English 22, English 31, English C, English 12, and English 30 should be left at the Recorder's Office accompanied by a written statement of the reason for the delay. The theme or forensic will be accepted only in case the Recorder is satisfied that the delay was caused by serious illness or other unavoidable hindrance. The theme or forensic will then be sent by the Recorder to the Instructor, who, in due time, will return it to the student, with or without criticism, according as it has been accepted or rejected.

No oral explanation of the delay will be received; and the student will get no credit for his composition, unless the excuse for the delay in handing it in is deemed sufficient.

BARRETT WENDELL, for English B and 12. LEWIS E. GATES, for English 22. J. H. GARDINER, for English 31. GEORGE P. BAKER, for English C and 30.