Freshman Football Notice.

The candidates have been divided into the following squads:

Captain Beardsell-H. L. Hunt, Curtis, Shaw, Robinson, Gray, Garrison, Ladd, Whitbeck, Hawley, Howland, A. A. Cobb, Wiggin.

Captain Hatch-Fabyan, Byrd, Eaton, Bigelow, Shay, Scott, B. Davis, Holliday, W. V. H. Lewis, Wirt, Converse, Higginson.

Captain Heard-Trainer, Cambell, Fay, Rowle, Sturgis, Reed, Bell, Peckham, Buxton, J. P. Cobb, Hosley, McCormick.

Captain Sands-Goddard, Becker, Chandler, Vaux, Mason, Clark, Keman, Churchill, George, Bolles, C. Tilton.


Captain Follansbee-Hayes, Hayes, Kidner, Morrison, Harbeck, Bowen, Rainbolt, Forbes, Naught, Clough, Howes

Captain Egbert-K. Martin, Crane, Sanderson, N. W. Tilton, Pope, Buchland, D. W. Davis, Smoot, Edmunds, Pulitzer, Gilman.

These men will report to their respective captains at 4 p. m., Soldiers Field, dressed to play today.

All other candidates will report to Eliot Spalding, manager, at the same time and place.