Special Notice.

STUDENTS wishing their hair trimmed in the most scientific manner should call at Griffith's Hair Dressing Rooms, 7 Brattle street, Harvard square. Four artists in attendance, all special hair cutters. Razors honed and cared for.

C. W. GRIFFITH, Proprietor.For five years at Young's Hotel, Boston. 2 tf

SUITS cleansed and pressed, 75 cents, at MacKeigan's, 15 Brattle street, opposite post office. Perfect satisfaction guaranteed. Drop a postal and I will call. Nobby suits made to order, $20 and upwards. 18 2t

PEABODY CLUB.- 126 Mt. Auburn street. Seats at general table $5 a week. Also room for one club table.

WE have just received our fall neckwear in a great variety of patterns and shapes, also the popular shapes in soft and derby hats.


J. W. BRINE, 1312-1436 Mass. avenue.DANCING.- Harvard gentlemen desiring to learn or practice the polite art will do well to address Mr. and Mrs. Black, 159 Mass. avenue, near Boylston street, Boston. Circulars mailed. 18 20

COLLEGE ROOM for half-price. A bonus equal to half the rental is offered to any one taking 41 Divinity. Price less bonus $37.50. Apply at Bursar's office and at 36 Grays.

CLUB HOUSE OR STUDENTS' DORMITORY.- The house 12 Dunster street, on the corner of Mount Auburn street, is to let. It can be seen only by application to M. P. White, 53 Devonshire street, Boston. 18 2t

EXCELLENT table board at 11 Felton street. Also two large sunny rooms with or without board.

LOST.- A Boston terrier; two months old, brindle with white neck and paws, a protuding under jaw, and screw tail. A reward will be paid for the dog returned to 5 Highland street, Cambridge. 17 tf

READ'S BLOCK, Boylston street. A few suites and single rooms in this favorite building to rent. Apply to janitor. 2 tf

ST. CHRISTOBAL SALTS cure headache.

FRESHMEN! Don't buy pencils. You can get them for nothing by calling at Pach's Studio, where Mr. Tupper will be pleased to show you all the different athletic and society groups of Harvard.

The Pach's have been class photographers for Harvard, with the exception of three years, since 1878. By paying a visit to the upper room in the library Harvard men will have the privilege of seeing the class photograph albums for many years back. A goodly number of the men there represented have since risen to fame and honor.

ST. CHRISTOBAL SALTS cost 25 or 50 cents.