Weld Boat Club.

The Weld Boat Club is just now in a critical condition financially. Only about twenty men have joined this fall, and only one of these is a freshman, although the larger part of the increase in membership should come from the new men. if many more men do not join at once the boathouse must be closed next week for lack of money to meet expenses.

The fees of the men who have just joined are scarcely enough to keep the boats in repair, and, besides this, the coach, janitor and other expenses must be paid.

The boathouse is well equipped with shells, wherries and canoes. The fees are exceedingly moderate, and, although the regular charge is five dollars a year, a freshman, by joining now, can enjoy the privileges of the club for four years at an expense of ten dollars. There is still a month of rowing left this fall, and the boathouse will be opened early in the spring.

One reason in particular why men should join is the need of supplying candidates for the eight. This need ought to be filled in view of the excellent showing made by the crew last June when it won the junior regatta held by the city of Boston.