Harvard vs. Carlisle Indians.

The first game of football ever played between the University eleven and the Carlisle Indian School team will be played on Soldiers Field this afternoon as 3 o'clock, and promises to be one of the most closely-contested games of the year.

The Indian team has played a strong game all through the season. Although the team is lacking in some of the fine points of the game, has a tendency to fumble, and has no good punter, the men are physically stronger and faster than those of any other team in the country. They also have much better staying powers than any of the teams which they have played this year. The eleven as a whole plays a clean, hard game. The ends follow the ball closely, breaking through all interference, and all the men tackle low and hard.

The line-up and statistics of the Carlisle team as to weight, height and tribe are as follows:

Jamieson, l. e., Senaca, 170 lbs., 5 ft. 9 in.

H. Pierce, l. t., Senaca, 199 lbs., 6 ft. 2 1-2 in.

Wheelock, l. g., Oneida, 200 lbs., 6 ft. 1 1-2 in.

Lone Wolf. c., Kiowa, 198 lbs., 6 ft. 1 6 ft. 2 1-2 in.

B. Pierce, r. g, Senaca, 209 lbs., 1-2 in.

Morrison, r. t., Chippewa, 168 lbs., 5 ft. 11 1-4 in.

Miller, r. e., Steckbridge, 158 lbs., 5 ft. 9 in.

Hudson, q., Pueblo, 138 lbs., 5 ft. 3 1-2 in.

Cayon, l. h., Omaha, 147 lbs., 5 ft. 10 1-2 in.

Senaca, r. h., Senaca, 171 lbs, 5 ft. 9 in.

Metoxen, f. b., Oneida, 187 lbs., 5 ft. 9 1-2 in.

The Harvard team had only light signal practice yesterday in preparation for the game. The line-up was the same as that in the Cornell game with the exception of right tackle, where Merriman was played instead of Haughton.

The probable line-up of the eleven for the game is: Lewis, l. e., Mills, l. t., Bonve, l. g., Doucette, c., J. N. Shaw, r. g., Merriman, r. t., Moulton, r. e., Beale, q. b., Sullivan, l. h. b., Dunlop, r. h. b., Brown, f. b.