STATE TRANSPARENCIES.- Students from the various states desiring special transparencies for particular states can arrange for them through the Parade Committee. Ordinary size, $1.00. Excellent designs from $2 to $3. Apply 17 Gray's, Saturday.

WM. DENMAN, For the Committee.OIL FOR TORCHES.- Oil will be provided for those bringing their torches before 2 p. m., Monday. See notice at 17 Grays.

WM. DENMAN, For Committee.28 2t

HORSES IN MONDAY'S PARADE.- Marshals and others desiring mounts for the Intercollegiate Sound Money parade of Monday can secure information as to special rates by applying to the Parade Committee, 17 Grays, after one o'clock Saturday.

WM. DENMAN, For Committee.'99 FOOTBALL.- Practice today at 2.30. A full second eleven is needed. Every one that possibly can come out is wanted. Practice will be over in time to go to the 'varsity game.

J. W. FARLEY.GUITAR for sale, with case; very fine instrument. Address, X, CRIMSON office. 28 smw