Intercollegiate Tennis.

The fifteenth annual intercollegiate lawn tennis tournament will begin today on the grounds of the New Haven Lawn Club.

The Intercollegiate Cup now held by Malcolm G. Chace of Yale will be contested for. This cup eventually goes to the college which first wins seven first prizes; in case of a tie, second prizes to count.

A first and also a second prize in both singles and doubles will be awarded.

Each college may be represedted by three single and two double teams. Matches will be the best of three advantage sets up to the finals, which will be the best of five.

Play will begin each day at 10 a. m. and at 2.30 p. m. The order of the matches, the courts, and as nearly as possible, the hour will be posted at the grounds, and players will be expected to report at the time set. After ten minutes' grace any player not appearing will be scratched unless he has previously notified the referee.


Entries should be made with the secretary on or before October 5.

The referee will be Joseph T. Whittelsey '67, S.

Yale and Harvard have each won five times in singles and doubles and if either of these two win both events this year the intercollegiate cup will go to that one permanently.