PIERIAN SODALITY.- There will be a trial of candidates for the Pierian on Thursday and Friday evenings at seven o'clock. All men playing any orchestral instrument are urged to come and bring a solo.

A. B. CUNNINGHAM, Vice-President.HARVARD UNION.- There will be a business meeting of the Union at 7.30 p. m. Wednesday, Oct. 7, at 42 Matthews. Arrangements for Princeton debate will be made and work for the year discussed.

J. P. HALL, Pres.STUDENT VOLUNTEER COMMITTEE.- Mr. Birtwell will be in Grays 17 on Tuesday from nine until eleven to talk with men in regard to volunteer charity work.

The Beck Hall Tennis Courts are now ready for use. Those wishing to join the association may leave their names with the treasurer, 3 Beck Hall. 6 3t

CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION.- The second meeting of the year will be held as usual at 6.45 Thursday evening in Holden Chapel. Subject, "What Think Ye of Christ?" Leader, G. Gleason '97. All members of the University, especially new students, are invited to be present.


'97 FOOTBALL.- Candidates for the '97 football team be on Soldiers Field this afternoon at 3.30 sharp.

E. L. RANTOUL, Capt.ST. PAUL'S SOCIETY.- The first meeting of the St. Paul's Society for the year will be held in 17 Grays on Wednesday evening, October 7 at 7 o'clock. Important business is to be transacted and plans for the coming year are to be discussed.

PROSPECT UNION.- Those of last year's teachers who would like to have their courses reserved for them this year, and who have not yet spoken to me or to one of the heads of departments, are requested to send their names to me as soon as possible, as the list of instructors is now being completed. Teachers are now wanted in bookkeeping.

HENRY W. FOOTE, 18 Hastings.6 2t

LAMPOON.- All candidates wishing to write for the Lampoon will please call at Manter 1, Tuesday, October 6, from 2.30 to 3.30.

All men who wish to draw for the Lampoon will please call at Matthews 31, Tuesday, October 6, from 2 to 3.

'VARSITY GLEE CLUB.- Trials for candidates for the 'Varsity Glee Club will take place Thursday and Friday evenings, October 8 and 9, at 7 o'clock, in Lower Dane. Every student is specially urged to try. Each candidate will be required to sing a solo.

R. L. SCAIFE, Secretary.4