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The annual Freshman fall track meeting will be held on Friday, October 30. The 'Varsity handicap meeting will be held on Monday, November 2.

Entry blue-books are now ready in the Gymnasium. Entries for the Freshman games will close on Tuesday, Oct. 26. Entries for the 'Varsity handicaps will close on Thursday, October 28.

Active work on the track has already been begun by many of last year's Mott Haven team. Of the old men, Redpath in the sprints, Fish, Vincent and Hollister in the middle distance, and Grant in the mile are practicing daily. Of the field men, J. G. Clark, Stickney, Emmons and E. H. Clark are back, as is also Morse in the hurdles, Philipps in the walk, and Hewitt in the bicycle. Two new men-Gould and Irwin-Martin, of the Freshman Class-are both fast quarter-milers, though no other especially good men have so far appeared from 1900.

The track with its new top-dressing is, for the most part, in fine condition, although there is considerable trouble being had with about fifty feet of it near the last turn. The track there was so high that not enough of the new dressing could be put on to make a new surface, and as the old surface was almost as hard as stone, the added material merely lies loosely on the top instead of packing down firmly.

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