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Philosophy 1. Ethics-Moral Philosophy. Instructor,-.

Philosophy 2. Logic. Instructor,-.

NATURAL SCIENCE.Chairman, R. D. Jenks '97.Physics 1. Mechanics, Sound, Light, Heat, Electricity. Elementary. Instructor, R. D. Jenks '97.

Chemistry 1. Descriptive. Instructor, E. C. Stowell '98.


Geology 1. Structure and Minerals of the Earth. Instructor, R. L. Barrett '98.

Botany 1. Plants. Instructor, F. T. Lewis '97.

Zoology 1. Animals. Instructor, R. H. Johnson '99.

Physiology 1. Human Body. Instructor, F. H. Pratt, Medical School.

MATHEMATICS.Chairman, Joseph S. Francis '97.Mathematics 1a. Elementary Arithmetic. Instructor, F. T. Case '98.

Mathematics 1b. Elementary Arithmetic. Instructor, C. N. Bliss '97.

Mathematics 1c. Advanced Arithmetic. Instructor, Charles H. Ely, 3 L. S. S.

Mathematics 2. Elementary Algebra. Instructor, N. Hayward.

Mathematics 3. Advanced Algebra. Instructor, A. H. Hildreth, 1L.

Mathematics 4. Plane Geometry. Instructor, P. K. Walcott '97.