Official Notice.

HARVARD CHORAL CLASS.- Mr. Georg Frese, instructor in singing, is making preparations to form the Choral Class.

All students interested in the study of singing are invited to meet at Lower Dane, on Monday, November 16, at 4.45 p. m.

ENGLISH A.- Hour Examination.

Ia Sever 35 IVa Geol. Lec.

Ib Sever 35 IVb Geol. Lec.


Ic Sever 35 IVc Geol. Lec.

IIa Upper Mass. Va Upper Dane.

IIb Upper Mass. Vb Upper Mass.

IIc Upper Mass. Vc Upper Mass.

IIIa Upper Dane. VIa Sever 24.

IIIb Sever 17. VIb Sever 29.

IIIc U. 19. VIc Sever 32.

HISTORY XI.- Hour examination Friday, Nov. 13, at 12 o'clock in Harvard 6.

C. E. OZANNE.CHEMISTRY 2.- Hour examination Friday, Nov. 13, Lower Mass., 9 a. m.

HOUR EXAMINATION. GOVT. I. Thursday, Nov. 12.