Institute of 1770.

The fifth ten of the Institute of 1770 were taken out last night in the following order:

1. J. F. Curtis, Boston.

2. R. W. Sherwin, Jamaica Plain.

3. Willing Spencer, Philadelphia.

4. G. G. McMurtry, Allegheney City, Pa.


5. Malcolm Whitman, Brookline.

6. E. R. Marvin, Albany, N. Y.

7. J. C. Howe, Longwood.

8. J. G. Avere l, Rochester, N. Y.

9. T. S. Watson, Milton.

10. G. J. Dyer, New York.

Honoraries: H. G. Gray '97, R. H. Carleton '98, R. DeK. Gilder '99, A. B. Laplsey '99.