Personnel of the Team which will Meet Harvard Saturday.

By this time most of Princeton's eleven have been decided on, and it is possible to give a definite idea of the team which will meet Harvard next Saturday on Soldiers Field. It is generally agreed that Princeton has fully as good if not a better team than last year, especially on the offence, and few good men have been lost to the team through injuries.

The tendency to fumble, so prominent in the early games, has been in large part overcome. Line-bucking is this year, as last, the strong point of Princeton's backs. The end interference, although one of the team's weak points, is, however, becoming better developed, forming quickly and close. On kicks the line has held very well, evidence of which are Baird's four goals from the field, out of six attempts, in match games.

The line positions are becoming more set led every day. Gailey, last year's centre, is sure of his old place, and is playing a hard aggressive game, blocking well and getting down on kicks very fast. The loss of last year's guards has been much felt, and the success of the attempt to fill the places is problematic. Armstrong '99, who played halfback last year, has been moved up to right guard, and as he is doing fairly good work he seems sure of the place. He is very active, and his experience at half is valuable in running with the ball. Crowdis, last year's substitute centre will play left guard. Although he is slow and poor at breaking through, he has improved greatly in his tackling during the last week, and his 225 pounds will strengthen the defence of the centrmen.

At right tackle, Church '97, one of last year's men, is holding his place in spite of strong competition. He has increased his weight to 195 pounds, always plays a strong, aggressive game, and is one of the surest ground-gainers on the team. Left tackle is being well taken care of by Hillebrand 1900, who is closely pushed by Booth 1900. Both men were guards last year on Andover, and play good, hard football, blocking and breaking through well.

Capt. Cochran, right end, is hardly up to his work yet, owing to a bad knee which has kept him out of part of several games. Thompson '97, an old end, has been doing good work, but is now temporarily laid off on account of injuries. Left end will probably be entrusted to Brokaw '97, who is playing an excellent game, and at pressent is the best of the ends, owing to his speed in getting down the field, and his sure tackling.


Behind the line there is a wealth of good material. Of last year's team, Rosengarten, Bannard, Kelly, Suter, Baird and N. Poe are back. At quarter, Smith is doing the best work; his passing is accurate; when running with the ball he is the hardest man on the team to down, and in defensive play his work at end makes him invaluable. Suter has failed to keep up his last year's work, and has been put on the scrub. At halfback, Bannard and Kelly have generally been played toge her, and Rosengarten and Reiter. Between the two pairs there is little to choose; they are about equal in weight and speed.

Baird will undoubtedly play at fullback, and is one of the best of the season. Although rather light, he punts and rushes well, and is one of the best drop kickers that Princeton has ever had. Wheeler has shown up well as change fullback, and lately has been tried at half. It is doubtful, however, if he enters the game Saturday unless as a substitute.

The scores made so far this fall by the Princeton team are as follows:

Princeton, 44 Rutgers, 0

Princeton, 0 Lafayette, 0

Princeton, 16 Lehigh, 0

Princeton, 22 Carlisle, 6

Princeton, 11 West Point, 0

Princeton, 48 U. of Virginia, 0

Princeton, 39 State College, 0

Princeton, 37 Cornell, 0

Total, 217 6